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"In a trembling voice Margarita begged the master:
"Drink it, drink it! Are you afraid? No, no, believe me, they want to help you! "
The sick man took the glass and drank it, but his hand trembled, he dropped the glass and it shattered on the floor.
"Mazel tov!" Koroviev whispered to Margarita. "Look, he's coming to himself already."
It was true. The patient's stare was less wild and distraught."

translated from the Russian by Michael Glenny (New York: Harper & Row, 1967)
взято отсюда http://riftsh.livejournal.com/43097.html

Мой любимый ляп из переводов Булгакова на английский, впрочем, вот этот, в "Собачьем сердце", принадлежащий перу того же Гленни.
" - Что же вы делаете с этими... С убитыми котами?
- На польты пойдут, - ответил Шариков, - из них белок будут делать на
рабочий кредит."
"'What do you do with them ... the dead cats, I mean?' 'They go to a
laboratory,' replied Sharikov, 'where they make them into protein for the workers.'"
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